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We have brought together some of the top business professionals in Georgia to help you with many of your real estate (and day to day life) needs. Most of the partners featured here are offering regular discounts, so be sure to check back often and take advantage of all the value!

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HouseCall Property Inspectors

Del Mar Home Inspectors

HouseCall began theirreal estate career in 2007 as investors/rehabbing bank owned properties. During their time fixing and flipping properties, theybecame expertsin the real estate market.

HouseCall strives on working tirelessly to help meet clients needs and goals, and enjoys the challenges that the market brings.

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Juan Dominguez

Real Estate Attorney w/ Richard James Carr Law

Juan Dominguez began his career in real estate law in 1994 as an investor in bank owned properties. During that time fixing and flipping properties, he became an expert in the real estate market.

Juan’sfirm strives on working tirelessly to help clients meet needs and goals. Schedule your free consultation today!

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